Thank you for using where you can easily create, manage, and maintain your own shopping/grocery list(s). Managing your shopping at multiple stores is simple and easy. You can create your list, mark if you have coupons or not, and then print it out when you are heading to the store, or stores as your case may be. When you get to the checkout you will know which coupons to give to the cashier and how many you should have. As a new feature, you can email your shopping list in case someone needs to pick up some groceries on the way home. You can access your shopping/grocery list from anywhere and make changes as you think about them. If this is your first time here, then you will need to sign up. The only information that I keep is your login id,your password, and an optional email in case you lose your password. These are used to keep your shopping/grocery list private. You don't have to use the list just for groceries either. If you have any good list ideas, email me, or post it on the message board for all to see.

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